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Japanese-English Translations

This is a Japanese-English Translation Community.
This community's layout was created by cleopatradesign. THANKS!

nekokurisu (Jpop Lyrics, Requests)
ninatan (Jpop Lyrics)
vanilla_ichigo (Idol News/Diary Entries)

To tell you a bit about me, my name is Christina ("Kurisu") and I am a 19 year old girl from Germany who's still desperately studying Japanese. I have been to Japan with an exchange programm for half a year in 2006. I love Japan, the Japanese language, Japanese movies, Japanese dramas and music! If you share that love or if you want to know more about me, please visit me at my personal journal nekokurisu .

This community's main purpose is to offer English translations of Japanese texts, mainly for fans of Japanese artists, who want to, but cannot, understand (for instance):
- Blog Entries of their idols
- Interviews
- Information about events/goods/new releases
- Short News
- Song Lyrics
etc etc...

Please note that I am not going to translate anything business/law/literature related!!

I decided to open up this community, because there are some friends who are sometimes asking me for translations of blog entries and lyrics and because I am still studying the Japanese language and translating is a good practise for me. Therefore, please keep in mind, that I am not a native speaker of Japanese nor English.

All my translations are going to be Japanese -> English. Since I am German, I can post a German translation along with the English one.

Since all translations are viewable for everyone, feel free to watch or join the community, if you are interessted in reading Japanese texts translated to English in general.

Feel free to discuss the translations or to state your oppinions.

Request Rules
- If you'd like to request a translation, please mind these rules! -

1.) I have the right to decline your request without further notice. Normally, I will answer to your comment with an explanation why I am not able to fulfill your request.
2.) I am not going to take requests like "Please translate every week's XY". Single requests only, like: "Please translate the blog entry of [date]"
3.) NO side-long texts.
4.) If possible, please request translations of computer written text only. I can try, but it's sometimes difficult to translate scans (like manga pages, posters etc).
5.) When requesting, please post me the link to the text (in Kanji!) - (no whole websides!) - and tell me from where to where you'd like me to translate or the Japanese text IN KANJI in the request comment.
6.) Feel free to re-post this community's translations, but you have to link back to this community and the user who translated.
7.) I am not going to translate anything business nor law related.
8.) I won't accept romanized (romaji) text.
9.) I don't guarantee the correctness of these translations.
10.) Before requesting, please check the tag list, if your translation request has already been fulfilled.
12.) Please note, that i will shut down the requests when i am busy or when there are too many pending requests. Anyways, Be Patient! I am not obligated to give account why i am not able to translate or take some time!
13.) As for the order, i will translate in the order the requests are placed BUT sometimes, i will consider posting easy or short texts before dealing with more difficult ones!
14.) Be polite!

Go here for requesting!

Writing access
I am always happy about people who'd like to post their translations here. Please contact me and I'll give you writing access to this community.
If there's someone out there who's willing to help me with translation requests, don't hesitate to contact me!
I am also glad about other translation communities/journals who want to share links! Please let me now!

Have fun ^_^ よろしく!

Current Projects [soon to come!]

Koda Kumi Ballads:
- Rain
- Ashita he

X Japan Songs
Sakai Noriko - Aoi Usagi
Sakai Noriko - Kagami no doresu
Exile - Tada Aitakute

Hamasaki Ayumi - Powder Snow
Changing my Life - Eternal Snow
K - First Christmas
yuzuou - christmas no yakusoku
kibou no uta (Hello Project)

- Hamasaki Ayumi songs
- Nightmare songs