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Exile - Tada aitakute .... 
23rd-Nov-2007 08:22 pm
Title: ただ逢いたくて・・・/Tada aitakute...
Meaning: I just want to see you...
Artist: Exile

I wanted to translate this song for a long time, since I listend to it at special occasions in my life (for whatever reason I don't know).
I somewhat relate it to Christmas, although it doesn't revolve around it.
This song is really beautiful, so please take your time to listen to it.

I just want to see you....

The sad past, and even the mistakes of the days when we were still too young...
Altough I sunk into a deep sea after I had met you...

Talking about myself from those days,
I didn't know how to love,
I just hurt you with my clumsiness
and forgot my gentleness.

I just want to see you, but I cannot.
I bit through my lips and cried.
Now, I want to see you, I cannot forget you
And I am left alone by the time we spent together.

In the last train, while I buried my face in your shoulder,
a heard a gentle breathing from you,
Oh, I was so happy.

Now, I can neither scream, nor can I protect you till the end.
All I do, is to regret the time, that I cannot go back to ... Only why?

I just ... love you ... my tears are about to dry out
I wander around a world, in which you are not existing anymore
I don't want to forget you... The nights, when I hold your
fragrence tight to me while sleeping... Ah~ they make me feel the loneliness again.
27th-Sep-2008 05:02 am (UTC)
THANK YOU for this!!! ♥

Beautiful!!! I love the song and wanted to read the English translation... THANK YOU!!!
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